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Computer games have long ceased to be just a hobby and a way to relax after work

Computer games have long ceased to be just a hobby and a way to relax after work. Enterprising people become millionaires in this “business”. The way is huge, but I will only talk about how to make money playing games without attachments. Payment: depends on the chosen method Requirements: love of games, a good computer, understand this area (know new items and fashion games), be able to write beautifully or mount

Sale of characters and objects from the games

For some, it may seem strange, but there are a lot of people ready to shell out real money for game items or a pumped up character. This practice is common in some popular MMORPG games (World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Dota, etc.). Keep in mind:
This type of earnings is considered dishonest. Do not write in a chat game about selling something for real money, otherwise you will get banned. Communicate with customers on third-party sites and forums, here you can communicate with customers.
For serious incomes, you need to invest. Manually you can earn a little pocket money, but that’s up to millions will be far away. In many games, you need to buy paid accounts (or even a few), buy a bot program, so that it performs routine work for you and update your PC so that it pulls the load. There may be other costs.
This is not a passive income – you will have to check your bots from time to time, customize the game, sell items manually and solve other minor problems and mistakes. It is necessary to constantly monitor the situation in the market of the game in order to track the demand and supply for goods. It is desirable to understand the principles of the economy in order to successfully trade in the market.
You can be banned in the game and you lose all the invested forces and money. It is necessary to study all potential problems and think over a plan for their solution.
You will not be able to play only your favorite games. Most often you have to play “tedious” games, where you need to get long and boring to get the necessary items.
Create a “master account” that will not violate the rules of the game. Do not connect bots to it, just drop resources there from time to time so you do not lose it when the bot is locked.

Create a gameplay or video review / passing games
Letsplay – video-passage of the game with the author’s comments. You can upload them to your own YouTube channel and get paid for viewing. Long-term income – sometimes even old videos are reviewed and you are credited with viewing and payment. But the earnings on YouTube are not as simple as they seem. There are many pitfalls, which I will discuss in the relevant article. Sometimes video games are bought, but customers may not be easy to find.


Article-review or article-passage

Be ready at the beginning to receive 20-30 rubles per 1000 characters of the review, and only in time you will be able to receive 300-500 rubles for a short review of the game. Create a portfolio, and try to cooperate with major game resources. It looks like the previous type of earnings, but passing the game you must write down the texts and accompany the specifying screens. This activity is simpler in terms of legality – it is not forbidden to describe your passing words and accompany them with rare screenshots. Examples of similar articles can be found on any gaming site, there are a lot of them.
Streams – video broadcasts of games
Stream – live broadcast of the game on the Internet. Everything happens in real time, there is a chat where the audience can comment on what is happening. To create streams you need a good computer with stable Internet (high outgoing speed). You will need some programs, a microphone and a video camera, if you want to be in the frame. Well, much depends on the author – you need to have charisma, a sense of humor and a suspended language, so that the audience would be interested even in the boring moments of the game.
What do streamers earn?
Due to built-in advertising in the service (special sites where streaming is broadcast) and on commercials during the release. Many views are blocked by adblock, so at least 10% of viewers will not be counted.
Paid subscription – on popular streamers people subscribe for money. For this they receive special icons in the chat, increased capabilities or simply thanks to the streamer. Paid subscription appears only after a certain number of views or hours of broadcasting.
Sponsorship. Large companies charge a certain amount for the streamer to insert their logo in the interface or in the video. A standard system for buying advertising, but only such popular streamers get this support.
Voluntary donations. Some tape drives place a widget at the bottom of the page for donations through the PayPal payment system. But do not count on the generosity of the audience, the income from this barely enough to pay for the Internet.

Create your own game site

On the site you can lay out reviews of their favorite games, novelties, passing and all that was listed above. You can upload your videos (reviews, deaths and passage) on your YouTube channel, so that you can count scores. So you will earn on the site, and collect views / subscribers on YouTube.


For good earnings you need to be able to play better than others. In addition, you need to kill a lot of time for training, testing game schemes and strategies. Of personal qualities worth noting persistence, charisma and self-confidence.